Tim Fortune - Designer, Sculptor, Craftsman

Tim Fortune BA (Hons)
Tim at his drawing board In the workshop

Tim believes that :

"Sculptural form and function are two elemental considerations in all good design. The secret is to have the right balance of each".

Tim links the two by combining ergonomics in design with sculptural form.

Tim has exhibited his award winning original work throughout his career whilst continuously carrying out commissions that embody the customers needs along with his own creative ideas.

Tim and Peter

Quotation from Peter de Sausmarez - Art Parks International Guernsey

"Tim Fortune is an artist whose work has been commissioned by prestigious individuals including Dame Elizabeth Frink and establishments such as Eton College and the Natural History Museum. He is also internationally in demand from architects and public authorities.

His ideas are continually evolving and he is always finding a new creative direction.

We are very lucky to have these pieces which exemplify his astonishing imagination and skill."